Meet Our Guests

“I have been on three (!!) surf & yoga retreats with Via Yoga, and they are amazing every time! The planning, and organization is left to Suzie and the Via Yoga staff, and they do an incredible job. I loved practicing yoga in the open yoga space in Sayulita, MX, my yoga teacher (Troy Lucero) wa the very best, the surfing/ SUP instructors were all top-notch for students of all levels, the group is led by a Via Yoga host who knows the area and is there to answer any questions you have or to help you trouble shoot any problems. You’re in GREAT hands with Via Yoga– go have a fun vacation!”

– Lydia Killos Seattle, WA (Sayulita, 2015)


“Perfect combination of meditation, yoga, surfing/ stand up paddle board, relaxation and fun. Couldn’t have picked a better retreat.”

 – Robin Schaffner, Santa Rosa, CA (Sayulita, 2015)


“Our trip to Sayulita with Via Yoga was amazing.  Suzie and Alyssa took care of every detail, the yoga (led by Julie Andres) was incredible, the surfing was a blast and the town is super cool.  It was just what the doctor ordered.”

Pete Stein, Maplewood, NJ (Sayulita, 2015)


“This was truly a fantastic retreat. It exceeded all of my expectations. The hosts of Via Yoga are a special type of people. They are warm, generous, kind, comforting, and welcoming- everything a host is and more.”

Alyssa LaCorte, New York, NY (Sayulita, 2015)


“The group bond over events and unofficial dinners were great. The laid back attitude and flexibility were nice additions as well. The entire staff was just a great positive experience of good people.”

Stephen Kelly, San Clemente, CA (Sayulita, 2014)


“It was an outstanding experience, nothing was missing! It was beyond what I expected in so many ways. I’m very excited about yoga and meditation now.”

Kathy Carpenter, Sammamish, WA (Cave B ~ Eastern Washington, 2014)


“Great yoga, beautiful setting, good food, good wine and lots of fun.”

Melodie Martin, Seattle, WA (Cave B ~ Eastern Washington, 2014)


“The yoga classes were outstanding, intelligent, creative and mindful, Andrea is inspirational. And Mike (fitness instructor) completely changed my understanding and approach to fitness training.”

Victor Beaudet, Upper Montclair, NJ (Sayulita, 2013)


“The staff was fantastic! Friendly, funny and always helpful! I particularly loved the open aired rooms at Villa Amor, and the yoga was beyond what I expected or imagined. A Via Yoga retreat is SO great because you don’t really have to think about anything!”

Bernedette Haskins, Seattle, WA (Sayulita, 2013)


“I loved Julie (Julie Andres – Yoga Instructor), she was so inspiring. The experience exceeded my expectations! I feel awesome.”

Sarah Gilman-Short, Portland, OR (Sayulita, 2013)


“Via Yoga provides endless options for fun while accommodating your needs to make your vacation exactly what you want.”

William Ayres, Wynnewood, PA (Sayulita, 2013)


“I Travel a lot and have to say the hotel, food, staff, and the beauty are excpetional. Everything was special and the instructors were excellent.”

Katy Jo Steward, Vashon Island, WA (Todos Santos, 2013)


“I needed a vacation desperately, but wanted something for myself. This was my first vacation on my own and it exceeded all my expectations. It was a wonderful escape in every way. Thank You!”

Jenny Pigot, Seattle, WA (Sayulita, 2012)


“Loved Amber (Yoga Instructor) and learning some new yoga moves, and Mike’s (Fitness Instructor) beach workouts were so creative and challenging. The hotel is beyond amazing and staff were so welcoming. An unforgettable week. ”

Rochelle March, Brooklyn, NY (Todos Santos, 2012)


“This was the retreat I’d been waiting for… and now must do again. Me before my Via Yoga retreat: A stressed, multi-tasking, out of shape, distracted working mom. Me during my retreat: Well-exercised, surfing, meditative, suntanned… and so happy to be in the company of other cool adults. Me after my retreat: Physically and emotionally renewed, with a new focus on self-care, fitness, and finding a new balance. (Plus a love for cold Mexican beer). Can’t wait to get back! ”

Jennifer Romney, San Francisco, CA (Sayulita, 2012)


“Great experience! The perfect blend of exercise and relaxation!”

Alison McCauley, Manhattan Beach, CA (Todos Santos, 2012)


“The Yoga, Pilates and Surfing were amazing, I felt so safe and confident, there were never any doubts about their (instructors) abilities. The meals at Rancho Pescadero – I love Chef Bueno! Via Yoga is first class, I’ll never go economy again!”

Justine Boscaglia, Kinglake West, Australia (Todos Santos, 2012)


“The whole trip was incredible and inspiring. Before the retreat life was just too much. Now I feel like I’m strong and can handle anything life throws my way. I tell people who ask about Via Yoga, GO IMMEDIATELY!”

Jennaea Gearhard, Westfield, NJ (Todos Santos, 2012)


“One of my best vacations ever. Met great people, challenged myself everyday and was pleased at what I accomplished. Brigette (Yoga Instructor) was outstanding – instructions were precise but not too chatty. I can’t wait to apply the things I learned from Brigette to my practice at home. I feel rested, recharged and inspired!”

Pearl Chin, Columbus, OH (Sayulita, 2012)


“I needed to take care of myself and get away. After a week with Via Yoga I feel renewed and learned that I can do much more than I realize!”

Mary Rose McCardle, Waterbury, CT (Sayuita, 2012)


“A great week! The perfect blending of delicious-fresh food, interesting people, the Zen of yoga and surfing in the perfect tropical setting!”

Cameron King, Hailey, ID (Todos Santos, 2012)


“Suzie is the perfect host and I loved our Yoga Instructor Anna’s guiding instruction and truly angelic outlook on life. A wonderful experience! I felt relaxed, pampered, challenged and nurtured!”

Debbie McGuire-Peterson, Kentfield, CA (Sayulita, 2012)


“It was a fabulous trip, well organized, fun, structured but relaxing with no judgment if you did not join the activities”

Tara Chatfield, Seattle, WA (Todos Santos, 2012)


“The trip of a lifetime! Exceptional yoga, beautiful tropical beaches and I even learned to surf. I had always wanted to travel to Costa Rica and with Via Yoga’s reputation knew that I’d be in good hands. It was more then I could have imagined, Thank You!”

Anne McGarr, Warner, NH (Nosara, Costa Rica, 2011)


“Taking a Via Yoga getaway was the perfect way to celebrate turning 40. The gentle Sayulita rhythm was just what I needed! It was an incredible gift to be able to leave the stresses of everyday life behind and just focus on *me* for a change. I haven’t had a chance to unwind and unplug like that in many, many years. I don’t know if it was the relaxing pace, the yoga, the sunshine, the amazing food, or the inspiring company, but I returned home feeling renewed and ready to embrace whatever the next year may hold. If only I could celebrate every birthday with Via Yoga. Thank you.

Jennifer Donahue, Kenmoore, WA (Sayulita, 2011)