Yoga and Surf Retreats in Mexico

Yoga & Surfing Retreat
in Sayulita, Mexico
with Andrea Arriaga and Erik Gladish

January 26 - February 1, 2013

Begin the year feeling rejuvenated and alive with a week long get-away complete with: yoga, surfing, spa treatments, and some much deserved tropical sun.

Register by October 28 and save $200 ~ click here for retreat rates.

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Yoga Retreat Mexico

Yoga Retreat Mexico

surfing retreat

Villa Amor

Yoga Retreat

Yoga and Surfing Retreat Mexico

Via Yoga Vacations include:

  • Two 90-minute yoga classes with Andrea and Erik
  • Four surf lessons throughout the week (optional)
  • Six nights accommodations at Villa Amor, in a stunning open-aired oceanfront villa
  • Daily breakfast
  • Three group dinners at Villa Amor and local restaurants
  • A one hour massage
  • A day trip to Punta Mita for surfing or snorkeling weather permitting (lunch included)
  • Roundtrip airport transfers from Puerto Vallarta International Airport


Class Details

Join Andrea and Erik in a transformative week of fun and fluidity. Days begin with active-dynamic morning practice building heat with the rising sun. Followed by liesurly afternoons spent enjoying the sun while learning the art of liquid wave riding. The days wind down with restorative classes, combining traditional vinyasa with evening yin yoga, chi gung, dance, Thai massage and partner asanas. This unique week will allow you to dive into the Pacific and catch some waves while at the same time delve into the exploration of surfing internal prana. Come explore the inner realm of possibility, dance your asana, catch a wave, watch the wale migration, sip some sunshine, drink a from a coconut, and study the deep inner science of hammock heaven, starting a new year clear and refreshed, enlivened and full of inspiration for the best year ever!

About Andrea

Andrea is Via Yoga's senior yoga instructor. She grew up on the coast Ventura, California. Raised in a bicultural family, she is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico who has resided between Nayarit and Hawaii since first arriving in Sayulita to work for Via Yoga, almost a decade ago. Her connections and knowledge to the local community and culture serve as an invaluable benefit and comfort to Via Yoga guests.

Andrea's passions for whole body health, surfing, ecology, and all things that flow led her naturally to the art and science of yoga. She has spent her life living her passions near the edge of the shore studying nature’s fluid rhythm. She finds her inspiration for the creation of her flowing and dynamic vinyasa classes here. For the last decade, Andrea has been leading retreats, practicing and teaching yoga internationally and in the US. She serves as a bilingual yoga instructor for local school children in Sayulita, Mexico, is a regular participant in local environmental efforts, and is an avid organic gardener.

Although Andrea considers mother nature and personal relations her primary teachers, She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to study, and practice under numerous powerful masters including Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Matt Pesendian, Mark Whitwell, Bryan Kest, Robert Svoboda, and Dharma Mittra. Andrea has a strong background in Ayurveda, nutrition, eastern and western philosophy and concepts of health and medicine, as well as degrees in biology and anthropology from UC San Diego. She also holds a master’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai'i with thesis work focused on linking marine ecological conservation and health to human and cultural diversity and well-being. Andrea is a certified and practicing Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, experienced Vipassana practitioner, a certified Stott Pilates instructor, and holds a professional degree in exercise science and fitness through UC San Diego. For additional information look up Andrea at or

About Erik

Erik was born into a lineage of mystics, healers, educators and farmers and as a result these themes play prominent roles in his life. As a consummate autodidact he has studied various modalities ranging from but not limited to, yoga, meditation, massage, communication, poetry, tantra, art therapy, dance, permaculture, and organic farming. His gift is in sharing these modalities for the happiness and freedom of all sentient beings. As a yogi, artist, surfer and environmental steward Erik's path is conscious co-creation with a myriad of medium and modalities. Erik loves diving deep into the realm some call the source or pure potential, finding transformation with each emergence.’Doing yoga' then seems a redundancy as we begin 'living yoga.' Believing we are each essentially whole, healthy and blissful beings, Erik focuses on the individual, finding healing happens as blockages are removed.

As a top collegiate athlete Erik found Hatha yoga to balance for the stresses of competition. His passion was truly ignited when he was introduced to vinyasa yoga. Only when yoga cured his crippling sciatic pain, dissolved reckless tendencies, and catalyzed his finding (enough searching!) was Erik a convert. Training by rebel guru Larry Schultz in Ashtanga inspired Erik to hit the road discovering the various forms of yoga and healing arts, culminating in an ever evolving eclectic style of practice and teaching uniquely tailored to the moment and the needs of the individual. For more information on Erik go to



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