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photo of JulieJulie Andres

Julie has had a life-long love for the science of yoga. She has found purpose in helping people with their daily struggles through the use of breath and movement. Inspired by nature, Julie devotes her practice to a higher power: the changing of the seasons; the miracle of life and death; the ability to love and be loved. Influenced by Baron Baptiste, Eiric Orvid and Dee Hine, her classes reflect their unique styles of practice and sequencing, focusing on linking movement with the breath. As an instructor Julie is compassionate and nurturing as she teaches how to apply the principles found in nature and yoga to our daily lives.

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photo of AndreaAndrea Arriaga: Via Yoga Senior Instructor

Andrea is Via Yoga's senior yoga instructor. She grew up on the coast Ventura, California. Raised in a bicultural family, she is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico who has resided between Nayarit and Hawaii since first arriving in Sayulita to work for Via Yoga, almost a decade ago. Her connections and knowledge to the local community and culture serve as an invaluable benefit and comfort to Via Yoga guests.

Andrea's passions for whole body health, surfing, ecology, and all things that flow led her naturally to the art and science of yoga. She has spent her life living her passions near the edge of the shore studying nature’s fluid rhythm. She finds her inspiration for the creation of her flowing and dynamic vinyasa classes here. For the last decade, Andrea has been leading retreats, practicing and teaching yoga internationally and in the US.  She serves as a bilingual yoga instructor for local school children in Sayulita, Mexico, is a regular participant in local environmental efforts, and is an avid organic gardener.

Although Andrea considers mother nature and personal relations her primary teachers, She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to study, and practicing under numerous powerful masters including Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Matt Pesendian, Mark Whitwell, Bryan Kest, Robert Svoboda, and Dharma Mittra. Andrea has a strong background in Ayurveda, nutrition, eastern and western philosophy and concepts of health and medicine, as well as degrees in biology and anthropology from UC San Diego. She also holds a master’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai'i with thesis work focused on linking marine ecological conservation and health to human and cultural diversity and well-being. Andrea is a certified and practicing Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, experienced Vipassana practitioner, a certified Stott Pilates instructor, and holds a professional degree in exercise science and fitness through UC San Diego.

For additional information look up Andrea at or

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photo of Jennifer

Amber Borgomainerio

Co-founder of Seattle's Breathe Hot Yoga, Amber has over 15 years experience as a hot yoga instructor and practitioner. Yoga is her passion and has been since the day she realized she could never wear panty hose to work. Her mission is to give people the opportunity to experience the power of a regular yoga practice. Amber and her partner Ross, founded Breathe with a vision of bringing authentic, accessible and affordable yoga to Pacific Northwest urbanites hungry for healthy life challenges.

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photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Lasher Breen

Jennifer Lasher Breen exudes a deep passion and appreciation for yoga in her classes. She is enthusiastic, light-hearted and engaged. As a child, Jen remembers watching her mom practice yoga and wanting to participate, which led to her own practice starting with teacher Cintra Brown in Arizona in 1994. She has since trained with Bikram, Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste and Bryan Kest. Jen opened the first Bikram studio, Yoga Vida, in Austin Texas in 1999. She now lives on Bainbridge Island, in Washington with her husband and four children where she successful owns and operates the Bainbridge Yoga House. While Jen’s background stems from a Bikram practice, she now incorporates a strong blend of vinyasa flow into her classes. Visit her website at

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photo of Amy

Amy Buck

Amy first fell in love with Pilates in Sun Valley, Idaho where she decided to turn in her snowboard and years of instruction for the opportunity to move to Seattle, WA enrolling in the STOTT instructor training program at Bodycenter Studios in 2004. Her passion for working with people, biomechanics and fascination with human movement led her to the advanced courses of Pilates and full certification.

Amy graduated from the University of Georgia with a BSED in Early Childhood Education. After a stint of teaching in New Zealand, Amy decided to follow her passion for the mountains and became an outdoor adventure guide leading trips across North America for Trek America. In 1998 she ventured off on her own to start Blueplanet Adventures, a backpacking company guiding through Olympic National Park. Amy's love for dancing, especially African dance, inspired her to create Zumlates a fusion of Zumba® Latin dance fitness and Pilates. Amy has been teaching ever since and feels honored everyday with the opportunity to creatively guide people through their bodies gaining awareness, strength and balance.

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photo of AnnaAnna Carbonell

Anna learned her first shoulder stand when she was about 4 years old from her parents, Rolando "Swami Deva Leelananda" Carbonell and Lettie Liboon, who helped pioneered yoga in the Philippines. Upon growing up, Anna took interests in other things like acting, modeling, Polynesian dancing and found herself veering away from yoga. It was not until the year 2000 did she reconnect with yoga at Jivamukti Yoga Center under Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Jules Febre and other extraordinary teachers. Anna decided to deepen her practice by attending and completing numerous teacher training programs, including an 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga Advance Teacher Training and Yin Yoga certification with Sarah Powers.

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photo of MikeMike Hardin

Mike is a highly experienced fitness professional and owner of mikefitness, a Seattle based personal training business.  He believes,“ that with levity and playfulness, learning becomes natural, progress happens faster, and short-lived fitness goals turn into life-long changes.”  Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, Mike is recognized as leader in functional movement.  As a co-instructor of our Yoga, Fitness and Surfing retreat he brings his highly effective “Outdoor Gym” class to Via Yoga, exploring the natural beauty of Sayultia - a virtual playground. Mike’s wide-range of expertise includes weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, rehab, and sports specific performance training.  Mike enjoys working with a diverse clientele, from the new mom to the professional athlete and believes that, “the ability to balance work, rest and play is one component of a successful program.  The other is keeping it fun!”

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photo of MikeCourtney Latta

Practicing since her college years in Japan, Courtney has studied Hatha and Ashtanga Flow methods and began teaching yoga in 2004. Drawing from the common threads of the Hatha traditions, her yoga classes emphasize proper alignment and breath. Courtney has also studied STOTT Pilates and in 2010, added Pilates to her repertoire of classes. The STOTT method incorporates modern exercise principles, including spinal rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Courtney’s classes are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints, placing more emphasis on scapular stabilization. She provides preparatory exercises and modifications to cater to many different body types and abilities, making it applicable to everyday life. Courtney lives in Snoqualmie Washington with her husband and twin boys and teaches out of a physical therapy health clinic; Peak Sport and Spine, Snoqualmie.

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photo of JillJill Lawson

Jill brings a diverse group of people together to form a yoga community in the southwest corner of Colorado.  She loves teaching a wide variety of people with her special talent in including all ages and abilities.  She honors the different needs of people, as a means to connect everyone on the shared path of yoga.   She has a knack for making people feel welcome, able and relaxed, while encouraging students to do their personal best.   Jill began her career in fitness in 1992 when she received her aerobics instructor certification.   After teaching for a few months she discovered her life's passion.   She switched her college major to Exercise Science and continued her studies by completing a Master's degree.  In 1999 she began practicing yoga and a whole new world presented itself.  Leaving aerobics behind, she dove in to study Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga and then further discovered herself through an intense Sivananda Yoga teacher training course.  Jill teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga because it allows for a broad range in variety, much like the people who take her classes.  Jill's teaching philosophy is one that embraces all walks of life, in celebration of the simple joy of being.  To learn more about Jill Lawson and read her articles in Yoga Magazine please visit  

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photo of Cindi

Cindi Lee

Cindi Lee dedicates her studies to the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, and Zhander Remete (the founder of Shadow Yoga.) On a weekly basis she practices with the only two certified Shadow Yoga teachers in Los Angeles, Matt Pesendian and Matt Schwartz. Until Cindi discovered Shadow Yoga, her background stems from Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Taoist Yoga.

Cindi is a certified yoga instructor who exudes a passion for teaching and instructs classes/workshops in Los Angeles at an assortment of venues including yoga studios, corporations, and private sessions. For more info

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photo of MattMatt Pesendian

Matt Pesendian has been practicing and studying the art of Hatha Yoga for 20 years, dedicating his studies to the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya and Zhander Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga. He received his master’s degree and licensure in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the co-owner of Village Community Acupuncture in Sherman Oaks, Ca. He also developed a Medical Qigong program at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara and teaches yoga/qigong workshops and retreats.

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JennaJenna Pfingston

It is through her journey of yoga that Jenna has realized the potency of knowing who we truly are. She believes yoga is a way to empower our vision to dive deep into our souls and to listen to our hearts. Yoga helps us step into challenging times with courage, to be curious, and to move with love. Jenna trusts creative curiosity and encourages her students to do the same through breath and movement. Her playful yet inspirational teaching style motivates students of all levels to reach higher within their lives whether it’s on or off the mat.

Jenna varies her class themes to reflect her love of flowing water (jala) and the spontaneity of life. She may lead students through the world of backbends, inversions, hip openers and restorative yoga or a wonderfully slow and mindful vinyasa flow. Jenna is Anusara-inspired and a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor who studies with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell. Jenna has been practicing and studying yoga for 11 years and owns a beautiful little yoga studio, jalaBlu Yoga, in Buena Vista, CO., where she invites students to “Come as You Are!” For more info go to

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photo of BrigetteKala Polman-Tuin

Kala Polman-Tuin is an athlete inspired Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. As a previous NCAA Division One Soccer player, she is rooted from an athletic background and mindset and challenges you to find your inner strength, your inner flexibility, your inner balanced bliss. She enjoys helping others find balance in their health and fitness and strongly feels that everyone has different needs both physically and mentally. Committed to bringing inspiration, energy, delicious aromatherapy and good music to every class, Kala encourages her students to better connect and listen to their bodies.

A resident of Vancouver Canada, Kala teaches at YYOGA, Steve Nash Sports Club, and The Yoga Studio at Treloar and other Vancouver studios. Kala has the ability to teach many different yoga styles ranging from Flow to Power yoga classes; she also leads boot camps, and teaches several spin classes regularly. Follow Kala's Facebook Page: Fitness and Yoga with Kala for relevant health & wellness information and updates on classes and via yoga retreat updates.

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photo of TenerTener Rogers

Tener believes that yoga is for everybody-or quite literally, every body-and her classes reflect this. Her lighthearted approach creates a warm, welcoming environment. Tener's balanced, accessible approach to yoga is the result of her own journey through the fitness industry. She has a degree in exercise science, as well as countless certifications and years of experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer—but yoga is now the glue that holds it all together. Day after day, she is drawn back to her mat, both as a student and a teacher.

Tener appreciates the transformative power of yoga and she shines in her ability to hold space for her students and to create a fun, nurturing, and supportive environment. A certified Yoga Alliance instructor, Tener received her initial training at the Global Yoga Center in Chicago and continues to expand her practice by studying with other yoga masters at every opportunity. Her vinyasa classes are flavored with influences from the Anusara tradition. Off the mat, Tener practices yoga in the form of mothering, dancing, and massage therapy in Sun Valley, Idaho. For more info  

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photo of AlisaAlisa Wyatt

Alisa has been teaching since 1999 when she left her high-powered publishing job to spread her passion for Pilates. A featured expert for Pilates Style Magazine, she’s also the creator of the DVDs, Advanced Pilates Workout and Pilates for Men. Classically trained by Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, Alisa currently studies with one of the last remaining teachers who worked for Mr. Pilates: Jay Grimes. A self-described movement junkie, Alisa explores any movement modality she can find the time for when she's not dancing, hiking or surfing. She recently completed her Yoga Certification with Annie Carpenter and Kia Miller at Yogaworks in Los Angeles. In addition to teaching at retreats and conferences internationally, Alisa trains an exclusive private clientele at her studio in Los Angeles.

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