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photo of JulieJulie Andres

Julie has had a life-long love for the science of yoga. She has found purpose in helping people with their daily struggles through the use of breath and movement. Inspired by nature, Julie devotes her practice to a higher power: the changing of the seasons; the miracle of life and death; the ability to love and be loved. Influenced by Baron Baptiste, Eiric Orvid and Dee Hine, her classes reflect their unique styles of practice and sequencing, focusing on linking movement with the breath. As an instructor Julie is compassionate and nurturing as she teaches how to apply the principles found in nature and yoga to our daily lives.

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photo of AndreaAndrea Arriaga: Via Yoga Senior Instructor

Andrea is Via Yoga's senior yoga instructor. Raised in a bicultural family, she is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico and has resided between Nayarit, Mexico and Hawaii since first arriving in Sayulita to work for Via Yoga, almost a decade ago. Her connections and knowledge to the local community and culture serve as an invaluable benefit and comfort to Via Yoga guests.

Although Andrea considers mother nature and personal relations her primary teachers, She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to study, and practice under numerous powerful masters including Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Matt Pesendian, Mark Whitwell, Bryan Kest, Robert Svoboda, and Dharma Mittra. Andrea has a strong background in Ayurveda, nutrition, eastern and western philosophy and concepts of health and medicine. Andrea is a certified and practicing Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, experienced Vipassana practitioner, a certified Stott Pilates instructor, and holds a professional degree in exercise science and fitness through UC San Diego.

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photo of crystal

Crystal Borrelli

Raised by yogis and trained in India, Crystal is dedicated to her roots by teaching the old traditions and practices of yoga. She now lives and teaches in Vancouver, B.C.. Crystal offers a powerful practice of asana by delving into pranayama, mantra, mudra and philosophy. Her yoga classes are based in the Krishnamacharyas Vinyasa yoga style, linking the movement of your body with the flow of your breathing. You can expect an all levels class with opportunities to grow and challenge yourself through variations.

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photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Lasher Breen

Jennifer Lasher Breen exudes a deep passion and appreciation for yoga in her classes. She is enthusiastic, light-hearted and engaged. As a child, Jen remembers watching her mom practice yoga and wanting to participate, which led to her own practice starting with teacher Cintra Brown in Arizona in 1994. She has since trained with Bikram, Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste and Bryan Kest. Jen opened the first Bikram studio, Yoga Vida, in Austin Texas in 1999. She now lives on Bainbridge Island, in Washington with her husband and four children where she successful owns and operates the Bainbridge Yoga House. While Jen’s background stems from a Bikram practice, she now incorporates a strong blend of vinyasa flow into her classes. Visit her website at

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photo of MeganMegan Costello

A student of yoga since 2001, Megan began teaching in 2008, her classes vary from gentle to vigorous flow using progressions accessible to all levels of students, from those just beginning their yoga journey to students looking for a deeper exploration of practice. Megan combines ancient yogic wisdom with shamanic teachings, energetic practices and a profound exploration of the subtle body. She uses creative sequencing to challenge students desiring to go deeper while offering accessible poses to those just getting started. One of Megan's specialties is bringing sound into class through the use of crystal singing bowls, utilizing the power of vibration and yoga to access healing states. She incorporates meditation and breathwork geared toward accessing the pranic (energy) body and the chakra system. To learn more about Megan go to

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photo of MikeMike Hardin

Mike is a highly experienced fitness professional and owner of mikefitness, a Seattle based personal training business.  He believes,“ that with levity and playfulness, learning becomes natural, progress happens faster, and short-lived fitness goals turn into life-long changes.”  Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, Mike is recognized as leader in functional movement.  As a co-instructor of our Yoga, Fitness and Surfing retreats he brings his highly effective “Outdoor Gym” class to Via Yoga, exploring the natural beauty of Sayultia - a virtual playground. Mike’s wide-range of expertise includes weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, rehab, and sports specific performance training.  Mike enjoys working with a diverse clientele, from the new mom to the professional athlete and believes that, “the ability to balance work, rest and play is one component of a successful program.  The other is keeping it fun!”

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photo of BrennaBrenna Kramer

Brenna is a Yogi, a lover of eating and gathering, and an observer with a curiosity for the human spirit. She first began teaching over ten years ago and is trained in both the practice of Yoga and Pilates. She is an active cook and health coach. She guides clients to build a relationship with food that is enjoyable and delicious through farm to table cooking classes. Brenna’s Yoga classes encourage students to be curious, to move with integrity, and to always find beauty and grace in their practice. She strives to create a practice and lifestyle based in both art and science. Trained as a dancer as a child and young adult, her classes move with style, synced to rhythmic breathing. She couples a creative practice with directing students to have strong body awareness, and proper alignment. She believes that when we move with integrity, we can more genuinely create a beautiful, sustainable lifestyle on and off the mat. To learn more about Brenna go to

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photo of MikeCourtney Latta

Practicing since her college years in Japan, Courtney has studied Hatha and Ashtanga Flow methods and began teaching yoga in 2004. Drawing from the common threads of the Hatha traditions, her yoga classes emphasize proper alignment and breath. Courtney has also studied STOTT Pilates and in 2010, added Pilates to her repertoire of classes. The STOTT method incorporates modern exercise principles, including spinal rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Courtney’s classes are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints, placing more emphasis on scapular stabilization. She provides preparatory exercises and modifications to cater to many different body types and abilities, making it applicable to everyday life. Courtney lives in Snoqualmie Washington with her husband and twin boys and teaches out of a physical therapy health clinic; Peak Sport and Spine, Snoqualmie.

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photo of TroyTroy Lucero

Troy has dedicated the last 28 years to the practice and study of yoga. He has developed a multifaceted technique that allows a person of any age, size, and lifestyle to tap the full potential of what a yoga asana practice has to offer. His primary yoga influences are Tim Miller, Pattabhi Jois, and Richard Freeman.

Skilled at drawing out the natural intelligence inherent in each student, Troy has the unique ability to assess and understand each student’s body and yoga practice with humor and patience. His hands on teaching style is simultaneously vigorous and contemplative. Known for his insightful and deeply therapeutic adjustments, he offers in-depth knowledge combined with the grace and ease that comes with years of experience.

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photo of kunArmando Munoz (Kun)

Born in Mexico City, Kun started practicing transcendental meditation at the age of 16. It was there that he found the key for all the doors. Meditation! After two years of daily practice, he crossed paths with two men juggling on the street and asked them to teach him. Through juggling he discovered the same sensation of meditation in movements and the infinite possibilities of exploration between the body, space time and objects.

To deepen his understanding he traveled to Berlin and joined the Circus School where he studied dance, theater, juggling, acrobatics and philosophy of movement. After 4 years in Berlin he spent another year traveling Europe performing and continuing his studies. From Europe he moved to Canada and expanded his education and experience to include acro yoga and thai massage while teaching in the Montreal Circus School and performing in festivals. Now back in Mexico, Kun lives and works on the beautiful beach of Tulum where he continues to perform and teach, sharing what he loves most. In addition to acro yoga, thai massage, juggling and meditation he spends his time playing his guitar and harp.

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photo of kalaKala Polman-Tuin

Kala Polman-Tuin is an athlete inspired Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. As a previous NCAA Division One Soccer player, she is rooted from an athletic background and mindset and challenges you to find your inner strength, your inner flexibility, your inner balanced bliss. She enjoys helping others find balance in their health and fitness and strongly feels that everyone has different needs both physically and mentally. Committed to bringing inspiration, energy, delicious aromatherapy and good music to every class, Kala encourages her students to better connect and listen to their bodies.

A resident of Vancouver Canada, Kala teaches at YYOGA, Steve Nash Sports Club, and The Yoga Studio at Treloar and other Vancouver studios. Kala has the ability to teach many different yoga styles ranging from Flow to Power yoga classes; she also leads boot camps, and teaches several spin classes regularly. Follow Kala's Facebook Page: Fitness and Yoga with Kala for relevant health & wellness information and updates on classes and via yoga retreat updates.

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photo of rjRebecca Jo

Rebecca Jo began her yoga practice 15 years ago in an effort of physical healing after experiencing trauma to her spine. She quickly understood that flexibility and strength were not simple matters of muscle and bone, but also a challenge to one’s sensibilities – a shift in perception that lit the path to inevitable self-discovery.

Through the experience of pain, she learned about the healing potential of the human body and has since dedicated herself to sharing that understanding. With an emphasis on re-focusing energy, Rebecca Jo is able to help connect the emotional stresses of her students to their physical goals through breath meditations, conscious alignment based movement, qi gong, self massage, movement theory and practices of presence. Trained in the arts of dance, gymnastics, visual imagery and design, hatha yoga and awareness through breath centered movement, she incorporates a lifetime of lessons into each class, encouraging her students to integrate practices of conscious flow into daily motion. Learn more about Rebecca Jo at

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photo of TenerTener Rogers

Tener believes that yoga is for everybody-or quite literally, every body-and her classes reflect this. Her lighthearted approach creates a warm, welcoming environment. Tener's balanced, accessible approach to yoga is the result of her own journey through the fitness industry. She has a degree in exercise science, as well as countless certifications and years of experience as a fitness instructor and personal trainer—but yoga is now the glue that holds it all together. Day after day, she is drawn back to her mat, both as a student and a teacher.

Tener appreciates the transformative power of yoga and she shines in her ability to hold space for her students and to create a fun, nurturing, and supportive environment. A certified Yoga Alliance instructor, Tener received her initial training at the Global Yoga Center in Chicago and continues to expand her practice by studying with other yoga masters at every opportunity. Her vinyasa classes are flavored with influences from the Anusara tradition. Off the mat, Tener practices yoga in the form of mothering, dancing, and massage therapy in Sun Valley, Idaho. For more info  

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photo of AlisaAlisa Wyatt

Alisa has been teaching since 1999 when she left her high-powered publishing job to spread her passion for Pilates. A featured expert for Pilates Style Magazine, she’s also the creator of the DVDs, Advanced Pilates Workout and Pilates for Men. Classically trained by Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Romana Kryzanowska, Alisa currently studies with one of the last remaining teachers who worked for Mr. Pilates: Jay Grimes. A self-described movement junkie, Alisa explores any movement modality she can find the time for when she's not dancing, hiking or surfing. She recently completed her Yoga Certification with Annie Carpenter and Kia Miller at Yogaworks in Los Angeles. In addition to teaching at retreats and conferences internationally, Alisa trains an exclusive private clientele at her studio in Los Angeles.

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