We love to surf! It’s a connection to nature that can be both exhilarating and humbling. When you’re surfing, you’re out in the fresh air, sunshine and water, challenging yourself, increasing your fitness level, confidence, mental clarity and general well-being. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a wave.

Via Yoga retreats don’t just combine surfing and yoga because of the amazing surfing conditions in Sayulita and Costa Rica (it’s true- they’re pretty exceptional…); we do it because each activity is the perfect complement to the other. Both build strength, flexibility, focus and endurance. Both can be spiritual and meditative, and both definitely make you feel fully alive in the moment. Surfing is, in many ways, yoga on the water. And it’s so much fun. We were hooked after our first time!

When you join us for a retreat, you’ll experience the connection between yoga and surfing first-hand. Your morning yoga class is a perfect pre-surf warmup, getting you ready to paddle out and pop up on your board, invigorated and prepared for what’s next. The more gentle evening yoga class will help you stretch your muscles out and recover from your day on the water.